Common Air Conditioning Issues That Are Easy to Diagnose

Common Air Conditioning Issues That Are Easy to Diagnose

An air conditioner is one of those things most people don’t fully appreciate until it isn’t working right. After all, it can get uncomfortable in South Carolina without one. The good news is that many issues are simple to self-diagnose and fix so you can enjoy indoor comfort again in no time.

A Dirty Air Filter is a Common Culprit

When your air conditioner runs inefficiently, getting it going at full speed again could be as simple as changing its air filter. A dirty filter traps dust, debris, pet dander, and other tiny particles until air has trouble passing through it. Air Pro Comfort Systems recommends that you change the filter around the first of January, April, July, and October or roughly at the start of each new season.

Have You Checked Your Thermostat Lately?

If your air conditioner seems to switch on and off at random, check to see what’s happening with your thermostat. It could be that you installed the thermostat in a cold area of the house or in an area that gets constant direct sunlight. Both situations could cause an automatic thermostat to adjust to what it assumes are the real indoor conditions. For the most reliable air conditioner performance, place the thermostat in an area of your home that doesn’t normally get too hot or too cold.

Can Air Make It Through the Vents?

The vents in your home can also become clogged with dirt and debris. This makes it impossible for air to pass through them with enough force to produce the desired cooling effect. It’s also plausible that you placed a piece of furniture or another heavy object in front of a vent without realizing that it would impede air flow. Cleaning the vents and making sure they’re clear of any blockage could fix your problem in a hurry.

Are the Windows Closed and Sealed Tightly?

It seems like an obvious solution, but make sure that no one has left a window open if your home doesn’t feel as cool as it should. Another possibility is that the caulking on your windows is loose or has started to erode. That means your windows can’t hold cool air in like they should and may be letting in warm air instead. If that turns out to be the problem, re-sealing your windows is a quick and inexpensive fix.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

If you haven’t looked at your outdoor unit in a while, it’s possible that plants, grass, or branches have overtaken it. This interferes with its ability to blow continuous cold air. For best results, make sure there’s at least three feet between your home’s outdoor unit and any landscaping.

When All Else Fails

Sometimes the solution isn’t as simple as these suggestions. If you’re stumped about the source of the problem, contact Air Pro Comfort Systems to help you diagnose it. Once we identify the issue, we will get right to work repairing it.