Noisy Window Unit? Replace it with an Incredibly Efficient Carrier Mini Split AC

Noisy Window Unit? Replace it with an Incredibly Efficient Carrier Mini Split AC

You can’t very well live without an air conditioner in South Carolina, but sometimes you have to put up with a noisy unit in exchange for the cool air it provides. In fact, this is the biggest complaint of homeowners in the Florence area who have a window unit instead of central air. As an authorized dealer of Carrier products, AirPro Comfort Systems offers the ideal solution for this problem. It’s called the Carrier mini split AC.


Understanding Mini Split Air Conditioners

Also known as a ductless air conditioner, one of the main benefits of a mini split AC is that it allows you to cool your home without having to install ductwork like you do for central air conditioning. Although it sits in a window, a mini split AC covers a large cooling radius. The name mini split refers to the fact that an HVAC technician installs half of the unit inside your home and the other half outside of it. He or she mounts the blower portion of the air conditioner on an inside wall. The condenser and compressor remain outside.


Benefits of Choosing the Carrier Mini Split AC

Although these units are small, they provide impressive cooling power. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you have our company install a mini split in your home:

Extremely quiet operation: As mentioned above, some air conditioners can be noisy. This can interrupt sleep and prevent you from relaxing at home. The Carrier mini split AC can also be an ideal choice for a business environment to minimize employee distractions.

Even cooling throughout your home: With a standard air conditioner, it’s common for some rooms to be cooler than others. If you want to be as comfortable in your home office or sunroom as you are in your living room, this could be the ideal cooling option for you.

Customizable: Some ductless air conditioners are small and sleek enough to hang on a ceiling or wall. If you want the unit to blend into the room, you can match or accent the current decor.

Improved air quality: In our blog post about indoor air quality, we mentioned that poorly performing heating and cooling units can contribute to this problem. Carrier’s ductless air conditioner comes with an ionizer to keep the air continually fresh. As air comes into the unit, the ionizer removes unhealthy particles and the oscillating fan releases fresher air back into the room.

Major energy savings: According to the Department of Energy, a typical ducted air conditioner consumes one-third of its energy before it releases cool air. A mini split AC provides 100 percent air output, thereby saving you money. You also increase efficiency by only cooling the areas you need and not the entire house.

To learn more about this Carrier product or request installation, please contact AirPro Comfort Systems at your convenience.